Switch template refresh coming

As I have said in the past, I’m always learning something new. I especially like finding out new information that makes a process more efficient. That’s why I am going to be testing out some new IBNS 2.0/C3PL template configurations. If the testing goes well, it will drastically reduce the size of the configuration pushed to a switch. It will require a little different configuration in ISE as well but I’ll be sure to have that documented.

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  1. Hello Brad,

    Hope everything is going well there!

    I was just thinking to see if you had the chance to assemble the new IBNS 2.0/C3PL template configurations.

    Just as a little background – I have done myself several ISE/IBNS1.0/IBNS2.0 implementations and was interested in finding out more details about your testing with the new IBNS 2.0.

    Best regards,

    1. I am still finalizing my template and testing it. Other obligations have taken me away from testing for the past few weeks. I am hoping it will be ready soon for verification of others.

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